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26 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Today, on November 27, I turn 26 years old. Wow. For me, aging is an issue. I know I’m supposed to age, but in my head, it just doesn't make sense. (If that makes any sense? Shrugs*) If I’m going to be honest in this blog post, I must say that I tend to fixate on age quite a bit. If I’m not in a place I would like to be in life, I freak out. Why? I’m not sure. I guess I always pictured my life going differently by the time I turned 26, but that’s not the case. 

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make it yours.

Anytime I’m in a slump, I feel the need to evaluate my life. In doing so, I realize that hey, maybe it’s time to make some changes or..maybe it’s time to re-focus. These past couple of weeks have been a bit difficult to manage..emotionally. (rolls eyes) I was putting my time and energy into things/people that weren’t making me happy. Why? Hell if I know. I was having an estupida moment. It happens.  Anyway, long story short, I am re-evaluating my life. Es mi vida. It’s time I make it mine again.

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