make it yours.


Anytime I’m in a slump, I feel the need to evaluate my life. In doing so, I realize that hey, maybe it’s time to make some changes or..maybe it’s time to re-focus. These past couple of weeks have been a bit difficult to manage..emotionally. (rolls eyes) I was putting my time and energy into things/people that weren’t making me happy. Why? Hell if I know. I was having an estupida moment. It happens.  Anyway, long story short, I am re-evaluating my life. Es mi vida. It’s time I make it mine again.

Here’s how I plan do so. And heck, if you need help re-evaluating your life, this may help you, too.

I. Do more of what you love.

This could be anything! For me that means to photograph more, workout as much as I can, eat unhealthy sometimes (because shit..I’m not going to die if I eat one donut or five,) go out more, sit outside and take in how beautiful this world can truly be, etc. You know, when you have the Trump's of this world screwing everything up, it can seem impossible to notice the beauty around us and enjoy life. (Anyway... Saving that for another day.) Next.

II. Surround yourself with people who want you to be happy and who want/are happy themselves.

Can't get into that one right now, but you know, hang out with people who are happy and make you happy. Simple. 

III. Live in the moment.

Put the damn phone down! Doing what I do and loving social media as much as I do, putting my phone down seems like the end of the world. I know, dramatic much? I'm making it an effort to live in the now and not always worry about having to post to social media. And you know what, that's bloody okay! It's important to enjoy moments as they happen and not capture it all. So..note to self: Put the phone down, estupida

IV. Fight for what you believe.

There have been several moments where things come up that are religious, political, etc., that I have been too afraid to voice my opinion about. For example, everything that is currently happening in the world is worth caring about. People should give a shit and I should voice the fact that I do in fact give a shit. From this day forward, what I believe in, matters. What you believe in matters, too. Fight for it.

V. Don’t apologize for how you feel. 

"I'm sorry that I feel bad about..." NO! Bloody no. God intended for us to feel feelings. So, why am I constantly apologizing for feeling mad, sad, angry, etc? I can't anymore. I won't. Feeling feelings is okay. Let's not apologize for that, shall we?

Okay, okay... If this made sense, heck yeah! If not, I apologize. I tend to ramble when I want to make a point(s). With that being said, thanks for reading! Love y'all! Till next time.


Oséa, taking my life by the balls.