26 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self


Today, on November 27, I turn 26 years old. For me, aging has always been a bit of an issue. I know I’m supposed to age, but in my head, it just doesn't make sense. (If that makes any sense? Shrugs* LOL) If I’m going to be honest in this blog post, I must say that I tend to fixate on age quite a bit. If I’m not in a place I would like to be in life, I freak out. Why? I’m not sure. 

As of recently, I’m learning to not pay attention to the number as much. I mean, hey, I’m going to get older. It’s normal. So, for me, as long as I am happy and getting wiser, bring it on 26. I may not be where I want to be, but that’s okay.


So, now that I am 26 years old, I find myself thinking of my younger self. Knowing what I know now, what would I tell her? How could I make life seem easier? 

Well, in hopes of possibly helping some of my younger followers, here’s 26 things I wish I could tell my younger self: 


1.     You’re going to fail sometimes. That’s okay.

2.     You’re going to make mistakes. That’s okay, too. The important thing here is that you realize your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t beat yourself up, just learn.

3.     In life, you’re not always going to get a “yes” from someone. Sometimes you’re going to have to face rejection. Not all opportunities are meant for you. Don’t worry, your door will open soon.

4.     Do what you love and don’t give up.

5.     Don’t sell yourself short. You may not know it all, but you’re one heck of a fast learner. So, go learn and grow!

6.     You’re amazing just as you are, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some kinks to straighten out. I said you were amazing, not perfect. Don’t worry, perfect is stupid anyway.

7.     Don’t ever lose your faith. God has your back.

8.     People will try and make you believe you're not worthy. Don’t listen to them. You are worthy of many things.

9.     Don’t take your blessings for granted. There are so many people who would kill to have the simplest things in life.

10. Beauty comes in many colors, shapes, sizes, etc. You’re beautiful. Please try not to forget that.


11. Your family loves you and wants the best for you. Tough love is sometimes needed. Remember that.

12. Be positive. Even when your life seems awful, find something to be positive about. You’re breathing, right? There you go.

13. Be curious! Don’t be afraid of trying things outside your box, but of course, be careful.

14. You’re going to get hurt, that’s okay. Feel your feelings but then let go. Move on for you.

15. Don’t ever stop praying. Ever.

16. Forgive yourself. Please, always.

17. You have many talents. So, explore them all.

18. Embrace your weirdness! Weird is cool.

19. I know life is sometimes easier being an introvert, but no! Go out and socialize!

20. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. You’ll soon realize that a handful of real friends is all you need. Go ahead, ask anyone. 


21. Be kind. Trust me, two wrongs do not make a right.

22. You’re one heck of a sensitive person, but please try and not be sensitive to everything. You need thick skin in this life.

23. People act the way they do not because of you, but because of them. (A great friend told me this recently.)

24. Don’t measure your beginning to someone’s middle. You’ll get there, be patient. So, please, don’t compare yourself

25. You're happiest when you put your creative juices to work. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

26. Stay true to yourself. Please don’t fall into peer pressure. Don’t change who you are for someone else. Be unapologetically you.


I know I said these are all things I would tell my younger self, but really, I have told myself these things recently. So, my current self, just kick ass while you live your best life. Don’t wish for something, just do it. Live! Life is incredibly way too short. Here's to turning 26 years old!