Austin trip!

So, I’m making it a point to travel more and enjoy life as best I can. There’s too much shit in this world that tends to put a pause in our lives, but sometimes you just have to look past it and say, “Eff it.” I mean, there are excuses I could probably make for myself, but they aren’t reasons enough.

On that note, the gals, Dani, Camille and I took a girl’s trip to Austin this past weekend. We loved every minute!  We live such busy lives that it’s so hard to just stop and take a moment for ourselves. Well, luckily enough, we just so happened to find a weekend where we were all free. Shocker, I know.  

Anyway, we spent a relaxing weekend eating our way through Austin, and my tummy and I can definitely agree that there were no regrets. We didn’t just eat though, we also shopped (maybe a little too much), talked, laughed, explored, and just chilled. Hanging out and just talking was probably the best part of this trip. We managed to get to know each other more and were able to take a breather from our hectic lifestyles. Also, we might have seen a little too much of one another. I mean, that’s what happens when there’s only one shower in your airbnb. Lol. Hey, we all workout hard to look good semi-naked, so it’s okay, right?

I can’t wait to take another trip with them, but if I’m being honest, nothing beats being home. So, I can wait and I’m sure they can as well.

Till the next one! <3


Places visited: 

Peached TortillaGordough's DonutsJo's CoffeeHillside FarmacyLa CondesaMozart's Coffee Roasters & Bakery 

(Not all were photographed because I just can't control myself when it comes to food. You know, if I'm being honest or whatever.)